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Campaign for Constitutional Rights & Safeguards:


This campaign will protect and get implemented whatever is achieved in the India constitution for ST/SC/OBC/Women and the people of India. However many rights have been provided in constitution but that is really not access by needy persons and community. Beside all of this Govt. has provided many more rights like Forest Right Act., PESA Act 1996 (Panchayat Extension Scheduled Area Act), Right to Information (RTI Act), MNRGA which is not implemented effectively. Therefore we organize this campaign with the help of different community stack holders and Voluntary organizations.

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constitutional Rights and Safeguards.

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Our Vision

Establishment of an Ideal Society based on Justice, Liberty, Equality & Fraternity.

Our Mission

To bring the wave of awareness for socio-economic empowerment and work for their food security, livelihood rights.




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