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Campaign for Save the Tribal Culture & Traditions:


Tribal community has there own tradition and culture like their own languages, folk dance, conversation between nature and community through different activities. They make different kinds of tradition for every season to make their community happy and prosperous. Tribal community think nature is the Great teacher, father – mother who save them from all kind of natural disasters and full fill their all needs through resources. Therefore they venerate the nature.   


Tribal communities are feeling their Culture and Traditions are mixed with different community’s cultures and traditions In process of Globalization and Development. Non tribal communities were promoting their traditions and culture through different way of publicity. Tribal communities have no ways to promote their own culture and traditions by means of publicities in this society. They were full time practicing to access their livelihood and other communities were taking benefits of them. Therefore our tribal communities always feel deprived and marginalized traditionally - culturally.


We are trying to promote our local culture and traditions through organizing different events. We give them plate form to remember traditions and culture of their origin.

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Save the Tribal Culture & Traditions

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Establishment of an Ideal Society based on Justice, Liberty, Equality & Fraternity.

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To bring the wave of awareness for socio-economic empowerment and work for their food security, livelihood rights.




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