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Who We Are :


Background of the organization: G.V.Y.K.S. is a Registered Non Government Organization, which is registered under society registration Act 1973 on dated 15 September 2004 in Chhattisgarh society Registration Act. We are working for establishment of an Ideal Society based on Justice, Liberty, Equality and Fraternity in nation.


We are Grass root level NGO; which is working in several district of the Chhattisgarh state like Surguja, Raigarh and Jushpur. Most population of this district is majorities with Tribal communities. G.V.Y.K.S. organization is working with Tribal communities in tribal villages. Our organization have formed by Tribal youth Groups, there all member are belonging to the tribal community of the remote villages from the targeted districts. Their self experience and feelings has inspired them to work for their community empowerments and for independent & equal value based society.


Background Justification of the targeted area: Most area of Those districts is known as PESA area; where Govt. has taken unsustainable methods for Tribal community development.  Govt. has directly involved making Industrial area at those places and makes it infrastructural based development. There have many kinds of problems in the sense of entire development among the tribal community. Therefore one part of the society which is known as Business man, Industrialist, non-tribal communities has became a financially so strong, who can access every facilities of the society  and another part of this society their tribal community were facing their side effects; they were exploited in different way socially and economically, they were feel incapable to access their own resources, heath, education, basic services facilities, lack resources to secure their livelihood and  unproductive agricultural land due to this there have no another way of income of sources. Tribal cultures are becoming to be forgotten. Tribes are so busy to ensure their food security therefore their have no time to practice their religious duty, tradition and culture in daily routine. Due to this reason slowly they come to be deviate their religious duty, traditions and culture, we think the day is not in a distance which day they have totally forget their all characteristics and properties of the tribes.


We are working with those communities who are facing all such kind of problems; we were working with the help of different community stack holders, women groups, Community based organizations, concerni8ng line departments and funding Agencies. All over our works were implementing in community participation at targeted area. Most of the works were related to Result Based and in a way of Right Based Approach. We analyze the problems through make studies, focus group discussion between communities and facilitators. Finally we make campaign or programme to resolve the problems.

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Our Vision

Establishment of an Ideal Society based on Justice, Liberty, Equality & Fraternity.

Our Mission

To bring the wave of awareness for socio-economic empowerment and work for their food security, livelihood rights.














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